X264 vs nvenc 2023 P5-P7 are close in performance. New OBS Update for NVENC, now you can choose 7 presets for your video streaming and recording. . H. . . At least for high motion scenes. Most of my NVENC knowledge is in ffmpeg directly. libaom, the AOMedia codec in FFmpeg, v 2. Use NVENC for real-time encoding (streaming). . . Use the AMD encoder - I have made a couple tests with it (started with the old one 3 months ago and switched to x264 fast 2 months ago) since beta and so far it is a good alternative. . 264 encoder. . 3" with a 17. . . . 265 NVenc. Most video encoders we compared have speed presets, and faster encoder presets will perform better, potentially at the expense of larger file sizes and slight quality. b-frames set at 1 and 0 (didn't use 2 since both are FPS games) as well both using and not using look ahead. Third option, one with B or L (highest two) but L one preferred. It excels in rendering fast-paced games with intricate details and produces sharper video quality compared to x264. Mar 18, 2018. 264 and 265. The option is H. It will look the best, but it is the hardest to run and the most intrusive. . Set 60FPS. . #5. . Resolution is set at 936p@60fps and bit rate at 7500. . Depending on the load on your system at the time, your 970 may or may not produce a better encode using NVENC then your 9700K can pull off. NVENC or x264. 0. PSNR is a decibel value that quantifies the reconstruction quality of images. In 1-pass rate control modes, the encoder will estimate the required QP for the macroblock and immediately encode. .
The RTX 2060 is probably the best budget option for streamer without the money to build a streaming pc. Seems like you need to use a better media player, something like MPV. . Hello, I have the Problem that my entire PC crashes, or in some cases my games just close without error, when i am using Intel QuickSync encoding for Livestreaming. A 1050 is the lowest end of the series. Posted January 13, 2021. 264
or H. dont know if this will be useful but overkill on cores just get as many cores as you can afford. . With the introduction of the new 12900K from Intel and the ability to stream via X264 Slow on a single PC, I was inspired by Epos Vox to setup some scenes to. ago. . . The Huskies and Ducks. ) MAKE SURE to run the OBS as an Admin or it won't work without stuttering. but there is an impact. AV1 at 10Mbps NVIDIA has also worked closely with OBS to help optimize OBS Studio for NVIDIA GPUs, improving performance and. Alright so nvenc is better quality for the performance vs x264. This includes motion estimation and mode decision, motion compensation and residual coding, and entropy coding. . . The site managed to benchmark AMD's Radeon RX 6900 XT and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPUs. . That is why a lot of 2 PC streaming setups have CPUs with tons of cores. . . 4K Video Quality comparison: H. .

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